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On October 22-23, 2012, Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki participated in the conference “Support to
Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement (SATR) Project: Highlights and Prospects”. The goal of the conference held in Istanbul was to prepare grounds for stakeholders in Armenia and Turkey to pick up and capitalize on the achievements of the SATR project. 

A two-day conference brought together more than 60 participants from SATR Consortium members and SATR key local and international partners in Armenia and Turkey, as well as representatives of the Turkish and Armenian civil society and expert community who were not directly engaged in the SATR project, and representatives of the US Missions in Armenia and Turkey. The participants summarized project achievements and lessons learned, discussed further strengthening of the established partnerships and future joint programming, and addressed current and future potential of non-state actors in promoting Armenia-Turkey normalization. 

As a Deputy Director of GPoT Center, member of the project’s multi-partner Consortium, Dr. Tiryaki presented achievements and lessons learned from SATR’s support activities to media cooperation between Armenia and Turkey during the session on the first day. SATR project, lasting from October 2010 until October 2012, aimed at supporting Armenia-Turkey rapprochement through developing of new business partnerships and regional professional networks, engaging civil society in alliance-building to further contribute to Armenia-Turkey normalization, and establishing a favorable environment for state-to-state dialogue and interaction.

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