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24th Symi Symposium

Dr. Tiryaki moderated the “New Geopolitics/Refugee Wave/HumanSec under threat” panel at the 24 Symi Symposium, which took place on 10-14 of July in Athens. For

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Young Diplomats Forum

GPoT Center’s deputy director Sylvia Tiryaki participated as a speaker during the Young Diplomats Forum, organized by the Global Diplomatic Forum 2-6 September at the

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The Istanbul Forum 2012

On October 8-10, 2012, GPoT Deputy Director Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki attended the Istanbul Forum 2012, an initiative launched by the Center for Strategic Communication (STRATİM).

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German Turkish Dialogue Forum

Sylvia Tiryaki participated in German-Turkish Dialogue Forum which was organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on 24-26 November, 2006. The event entitled “Turkey’s EU accession process-taking

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