EU Accession Prospects for Turkey and Ukraine: Debates in New Member States

This publication, published in 2006, provides insight into the terms of the debates on further EU enlargement in several new Member States as well as in Turkey and Ukraine. The results of these debates deserve more attention in the old Member States since they testify to the pool of optimism and openness on both sides of the border of the enlarged EU. Regardless of the twists and turns that the EU integration process is taking at the moment, the vision of enlarging Europe remains attractive to the citizens of the countries most directly concerned, who are still acutely aware of the costs of fragmentation and isolation. It is the hope of the team of authors that this broad perspective will not be lost in future debates on the costs of further enlargement and on the EU’s ‘absorption capacity’.

Sylvia Tiryaki wrote the chapter entitled “The Debate on the EU Membership Prospects of Turkey”.

To access the electronic copy click here.

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