Inaugural Suna Roundtable Discussion – The Middle East on Rise: Turkey and the EU

When we first convened the Heybeliada Talks in July 2008, we did not anticipate the meetings would last for so long. By now, it has been more than five years during which we have had fourteen rounds and several side meetings.

We believe that the Heybeliada Talks have served well in their purpose and contributed to the reconciliation process between the two communities on the island, and recently between Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus. This publication represents a selection of contributions ranging from personal experiences with the Cyprus problem, to the suggestions for the international community, which were discussed during the recent rounds. Although, it might be true that the more you read and learn about the Cyprus problem the less sure you feel about your knowledge, with full awareness we take the risk and provide you with yet another publication on this topic. We wish you happy reading.

The publication, edited by Mensur Akgün and Sylvia Tiryaki of GPoT Center, includes contributions by:
Costa Constanti | Peace via the Heart and not the Barrel of a Gun
Takis Hadjidemetriou | A United Independent Cyprus Fits in the New Era
Mete Hatay | Charalambous, Denial, and “Loud Silences”
Praxoula Antoniadou Kyriacou | Impact of the Economic Crisis: Does the Crisis Work as a Catalyst or as an Impediment to the Resolution of the Cyprus Question?
Sami Özuslu | Cyprus: The World’s Funniest Problem
Chrysostomos Pericleous | Cyprus: Reaping Time
GPoT Center would like to express gratitude to the Open Society Foundation – Turkey for their long-term support of the Heybeliada Talks and this publication.

To access the digital version see LINK.

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